Selected works from the collection

Søren Sejr, Composition Black/Colorline green, orange, white, pink, green, 2018

Lee Simmonds, Untitled, 2019

 E.B. Itso, Loop Holes, 2014

Mahsa Merci, "They Are All Men", 2019

Lazar Lyutakov, Untitled (lamp series, Black Yellow), 2012

Neda Zarf Saz, From outside or otherwise, 2013 (video)

 Jenny Brosinski, Homer, 2015

Manuel Fois, AUD_6345R H, 2018

 Ismar Cirkinagic, Execution place Mass grave Koricani, 2015

 Tyra Tingleff, Stun to sap, 2015

 Lea Guldditte Hestelund, Dumbbells and Dumbbell Rack, 2015

 Martin Lukac, Untitled, 2016

 Jonas Lund, Contemporary Gallery Shipping Crate, 2015

 Kristian Touborg, Blågårds Plads, 2017

 Morten Knudsen, Untitled, 2014

 Maiken Bent, Klase #9, 2016

Cosimo Casoni, Déjà vu, 2018

 Marco Pariani, Fish on friday, 2017

 Asger Dybvad Larsen, Pressed by Paint Tray Painting, 2015

David Stjernholm, Kelim, 2013

 Richie Culver, Absent fathers with good intentions, 2018

Amir Khojasteh, The Heads, 2016

Sascha Brylla, d (III), 2017

Ditte Ejlerskov, Unchanging thoughts of her x-boyfriend occurred, 2010

Nunzio De Martino, Untitled, 2018

Oli Epp, Wimbledon, 2018

Habib Farajabadi, Untitled, 2013

Ricardo Passaporte, LIDL, 2015

Ryan Nord Kitchen, Picnic with Mila, 2014

James Krone, Francis, 2015

Ted Gahl, House Painter (Red Danes), 2014

Ethan Cook, Untitled, 2016

Hiva Alizadeh, Scenery Series, 2017

Michael Wall, Black on Clear III, 2018

Hannah Epstein, Milk Bone in the Sky, 2018

Asger Dybvad Larsen, Untitled (september), 2014

Grant Wells, Coordinate #4, 2016

Liam Fallon, Wrapped Up, 2018

Tove Storch, Untitled, 2010

Andrew Birk, This is a Miracle, 2016

Lydia Blakeley, A Basic Method, 2018

Amalie Jakobsen, Untitled (Blue and White), 2017